What is the rental fee for the tuxedos?
All-inclusive rentals (coat, pants, shirt, vest, tie, pocket handerchief, cufflinks as well as studs, shoes... are as little as $135.00. These items are available according to your requirements and the rental fee could be less. You may also choose from our more distinguished items where the fee will also be adjusted accordingly.
Do you deliver tuxedos to any location?
Phil's Tux Shops will deliver your tuxedo to any address within the state of Hawaii through UPS. We deliver to and pick up from any hotel on Oahu.
What about a fitting for my tuxedo?
Go to any tuxedo store and ask an expert to give you a complimentary fitting or follow the instructions on our web-site.

See Measurement Instructions Below:

Neck Measurement
Waist Measurement
Sleeve Length Measurement
Outseam Measurement
Chest & Overarm Measurement
How do I return my tuxedo?
Place your tuxedo in the box. Before you seal it be sure that all the garments on the checklist are in the box. Take it to the nearest UPS pickup location, on the first business day after the date of use. You may also simply return it in person to either location.
What if the tuxedo doesn't fit?
As long as time permits, Phil's Tux Shops will have any garments that do not fit replaced by sending them to your location free of any extra charges except for the additional cost of shipping. However, we recommend that you are sure of the correct measurements to avoid extra last minute shipping expenses.

See Measurement Instructions Below:

Neck Measurement
Waist Measurement
Sleeve Length Measurement
Outseam Measurement
Chest & Overarm Measurement
How soon must I choose my tux?
The Early Bird Catches the Choice Tux! We prefer 14 - 21 days prior to the occasion date.
Go to: "Measurement Form"
My Groomsmen live out of town, what do I do now?
The groom contacts the groomsmen and requests that they go to a tuxedo specialist in their area to be measured. The tuxedo store will provide the groomsman with a measurement card. The groomsman then sends the measurement card to the groom prior to the wedding day. As soon as possible, the groom takes the measurement cards to the tuxedo store.
When is it more economical to purchase rather than rent a tuxedo?
The first step is to estimate how many times you will be using a tux. Occasions to consider include cruises, New Year's parties, company formal events, graduations and certain wedding roles (fathers, grandfathers, and ushers). Typically, we recommend purchasing your formal wear if you plan to wear it 2-3 times per year. For use less than that it's advisable to rent. The 2 to 3 rule is generally the break-even point on money invested.
What about vest/cummerbund style?
Vests are the basic standard for the formal wear industry. Cummerbunds may still be used, however they are considered more conventional than contemporary. Unlike the tuxedo, the vest style will be updated more often.
What are the key questions to ask in choosing a formal wear company?
What they can do for you? Do they specialize in tuxedos? After completion of extensive training, Phil's Tux shop associates are certified formalwear specialists.

One who specializes in tuxedos is more competent in advising appropriate selections... and such experienced artistry results in a superb fit and correct style for you on your special day.
When should I register for my formal wear?
How about now? Quite frankly, the more time you give for the measurements, the better. You (or the other attendants) can stop in at any time to get measured, even if you don't yet know what style or color you desire them to wear. Those choices can be made at a later date.
Getting measured is a hassle. How can I make it easier?
Go to Phil's Tux Shop or any other formal wear shop to be measured. Forward the measurements to us and then pick up the garments when they arrive for the special occasion.
My bridesmaids have a unique dress color. How can I be sure the color for the male attendants will coordinate?
Bring a sample of your bridesmaids' dress fabric to Phil's Tux Shops and our formal wear specialists will assist you in the color-coordination.
We have some very large guys in our wedding party. Can you outfit them?
Yes! Phil's Tux Shops carries most tuxedos in sizes 3 to 70 - every size from weight-lifter to weight watcher to sumo wrestler. With us, everyone will look sharp and chic.
What about last minute changes?
Bring it on! If you want something last minute, we'll have it.
We couldn't find an affordable photographer for our ceremony, do you know of one who would be willing to assist us at the last minute?
Yes! We have a photographer who would be willing to assist you and the arrangements can be mutually beneficial. We desire to have pictures made of our tuxedo attire worn by "real" people in an actual wedding setting. Some of these photos would be featured here on the web site and perhaps for "hard copy" advertising.

Great quality affordable photos (some free!) ... let's discuss it further when you come for the fitting, or e-mail us.